The IDI Group

The Israel Diamond Institute Group (IDI), representing all organizations and institutions involved in the Israeli diamond industry, plays a central role in promoting the Israel diamond industry to the world market. With an aim to promote Israeli diamond enterprises, IDI will join three of the Hong Kong’s Jewelry fair organized by UBM Asia annually with its IDI pavilion nicely designed and built . Since 2011, Outsmart has been appointed as its technical manager in providing design and build as well as on-site support to its increasing number of exhibitors during the show days.

Miscommunications on any technical requirements and specifications could disrupt the operation plan badly. Matters could be further complicated via misunderstanding due to different language and culture. To ascertain all technical and miscellaneous requirements are clearly communicated and understand between the exhibitors and our operation team, account managers of the IDI pavilion would make a trip to Israel, ensuring all requirements are well communicated and mutually agreeable with the exhibitors well before the show opens. Such trip has proven to benefit all parties.

Since 2011, we have been repeatedly appointed by IDI as its technical manager and due to our satisfactory performance, they have further engaged us in other shows held overseas.